Restaurant Outreach

Welcome to the NCVA’s Restaurant Outreach Program!

The goal of the program is to help make Ottawa restaurants more attractive to their current and potential vegan customers.

Why is being vegan-friendly good for business?

  • The number of vegans is increasing
  • The “hippie” vegans of the past are now a minority. Whether a hipster foodie or a health-conscious senior, modern vegans want to dine out!
  • Groups will go where their vegan friends can eat. It’s not just the vegans you’re catering to by having vegan options—it’s their friends, families and colleagues as well!

What does being vegan-friendly mean?

  • You just need a couple of vegan options. They don’t need to be fancy and some of the things you’re already serving might be “accidentally” vegan or easily veganized.
  • Let people know you have vegan options. There’s nothing vegans hate more than trying to figure out what they can eat at a restaurant. Spare them that awkward conversation and they’ll be yours forever!

What does the NCVA’s Restaurant Outreach Program offer:

  • Our “What is a Vegan?” primer will help you get started. Then check out our list of animal product substitutes and get veganizing your recipes.
  • We offer a range of consultations:
    • Free telephone consultations, where we’ll offer useful tips on how your business can become more vegan-friendly.
    • One-on-one personalized consultations. We’ll have a look at your business and menu and offer suggestions for menu and advertising options that work for you. We’ll even bring samples of recipes that your vegan (and non-vegan) customers will love! There is a nominal $25 fee for each one-on-one consultation.
  • Customers! Not only will the NCVA advertise your vegan-friendly business on our blog and our restaurant directory, we’ll vow to hold at least one of our popular meetups at your restaurant.

For more information or to arrange a consultation, email us at

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