The NCVA is operated entirely by volunteers. It needs membership revenues to continue performing its outreach work in the community.

Membership is open to anyone, and there are no responsibilities associated with membership (although members are welcome to attend our Annual General Meeting, if they so wish!). Our members can receive discounts at various local vegan-friendly businesses, as well as a discount on attending NCVA potlucks!

When you become a member online, the NCVA receives notification from PayPal and a membership card is mailed to the address listed on your PayPal account. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Why Join – Member benefits

  • Local Discounts – The NCVA works with local businesses to secure some sweet discounts for its members.
  • Making life easier for you – The NCVA is working for you to identify and increase the number of businesses that accommodate plant-based diets.
  • Be heard – With a large membership base the NCVA can act as a representative voice in the National Capital Region, and reach more people by participating in expos and other events.

Become a member or renew your membership

To buy an NCVA membership for $20, please click the button above. To take advantage of our special Veganuary offer during the month of January 2018 ($25 for an NCVA membership AND a T-shirt!), please click here.

Or mail a cheque payable to the ‘National Capital Vegetarian Association’ to:

NCVA, 1506-1300 McWatters Rd, Ottawa, ON, K2C 3M5

Please present your card at restaurants and businesses before ordering or making your purchase. Businesses reserve the right to apply the discount only to the cardholder. Please check with your server prior to ordering.

The NCVA encourages you to check with your server to ensure items are vegetarian or vegan. The NCVA is not responsible for ensuring that food items do not contain animal products.

Currently, the card entitles members to:

Animal Justice: 15% off items at the Animal Justice online store (NEW DISCOUNT!)

Asian Stars Logo
Asian Stars Restaurant: 10% off

Cafe My House: 10% off veg brunch items

Chahaya Malaysia: 10% off veg food items

Chickpeas: 10% off (NEW DISCOUNT!)

Erika’s Vegan Catering: 10% off

Fauna Apparel: 15% off items at the Fauna Apparel online store (NEW DISCOUNT!)

Hareg Cafe: 10% off veg items

Host India: 10% off

Rawlicious Ottawa: 10% off food and drink purchases

SimplyRaw Express: 10% off food and drink purchases

Tizita Bake Shop: 20% off Injera Bread (NEW DISCOUNT!)

The Table Logo
The Table Vegetarian Restaurant
: 20% off

Trii Outdoor Lounge: 10% off food and drink purchases

Urban Tandoor: 13% off

Urban Turban: 13% off

Essence Hair Studio in Orleans: 10% off vegan hair products

Salon Vert Logo
Salon Vert: Free haircut with color service

Hampton Wellness
Hampton Wellness Centre
: $50 off initial visit with Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractor, Dr. Amanda Chan

terra20: 10% off regularly priced items in-store or online

Plus: Discounts on attending NCVA potlucks: members pay $2 instead of $3

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