Current Volunteer Openings

Volunteering for VegOttawa is a great way to meet new people, and spread the word about the benefits of a plant based diet.

When you volunteer for VegOttawa, you can make a real impact, and be a part of a committed and dynamic team. The opportunities are virtually limitless, and can be tailored to meet your interests and availability.

The list below is by no means a comprehensive list. If you are interested in other volunteer possibilities not listed here, don’t hesitate to contact VegOttawa to suggest something and offer your assistance.

***Please make sure that you contact VegOttawa for more details before taking on a volunteer role. In some cases part of the work has already been completed.***

Veg Business Liaison Officers: VegOttawa has a steady need for volunteers to contact local and national businesses for partnership, support and sponsorship. This role is crucial in ensuring the continuation and expansion of VegOttawa activities.

Blog contributors: VegOttawa is always looking for people who can contribute interesting perspectives to its blog. It welcomes product reviews, restaurant reviews, commentary, and recipes in particular.

Information Booth Events Staff: Are you knowledgeable about the environmental, ethical and health consequences of food choices? Are you good with the public? Friendly? Able to handle disagreement and tolerate different views? VegOttawa attends a variety of events throughout the year, which provides the organization with an excellent opportunity to perform outreach and spread the VegOttawa message. VegOttawa provides guidance and training for people who are interested and want to learn more.

Events Driver: VegOttawa needs people with vehicles to help transport materials and volunteers to occasional events.

Fundraising Coordinator: This position involves deciding between and implementing a variety of fundraising initiatives. This position is appropriate for someone who has some experience with marketing, good writing skills, and possibly, but not necessarily, an accounting background.

Media Assistant: Would you like to help create a buzz for VegOttawa? You would do media research for vegetarian related articles and post on community and editorial calendars. VegOttawa especially needs volunteers to help us track and respond to articles in our local and national newspapers that are related to VegOttawa issues! Experience is helpful but not necessary.

French Outreach Volunteers: VegOttawa needs French speakers who want to help us reach out to the francophone community through attending events, creating materials, translating our media and blog posts and contacting French businesses.

Translators: VegOttawa has a wealth of information about moving towards a plant-based diet and would love to translate these materials into other languages. If you are able to write fluently in a language other than English (particularly French!) and would like to translate materials please contact VegOttawa. This is an important way for VegOttawa to be able to reach out to various cultural communities.

Postering: VegOttawa needs to advertise some of its activities and programs via posters around the city. Very flexible, in your neighbourhood only if you need, at your convenience. It’s a good way to get involved without a huge commitment.

Social Group Coordinator: VegOttawa has received requests to organize regular meet-ups for singles, GLBT, and parents, but its volunteer resources are limited. Are you someone who likes to community build? The ideal candidate would be someone willing to be a central contact to arrange meeting times and locations.

Restaurant Researchers: VegOttawa is building an interactive online directory of veg-friendly restaurants and businesses. It needs your help to explore all the veg and veg-friendly restaurants the National Capital Region especially in less visited areas (West End, Orleans). This is an easy and fun way to volunteer to help build a better veg community in Ottawa.

Vegan Products Researchers: This is an easy and on-going volunteer campaign to find out more about the resources available for vegan products. The info will be posted on VegOttawa’s website for vegans, vegetarians and others to access and use. Volunteers conduct research and create a resource list of vegan-friendly items such as shoes, beer, sexual health products and health care products and where they can be purchased.

Purchase your VegOttawa membership card here

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