NCVA Volunteers


Michelle, Events Volunteer

MichelleMichelle has been a vegetarian since 1994, an animal welfare advocate since 1995 and a vegan since 2010. Michelle has worked with abandoned animals in both Canada and in the Middle East, and brought three feral cats she adopted in the Middle East back to Canada.

Michelle became a vegetarian the day she discovered the devastating consequences of eating meat. The livestock sector is a leading contributor to climate change, reduction of biodiversity, land degradation, sedimentation of coastal areas, water pollution, degradation of coral reefs and deforestation (70 per cent of the Amazon rainforest has been clear cut for use as cow pastures).

As someone who is committed to a cruelty-free lifestyle, Michelle does not support the livestock industry. “My hope is that most people will refuse meat if they truly understand the animal suffering they are supporting by buying it and the environmental destruction it causes,” she says.

As a health conscious individual, Michelle is excited about the numerous health benefits of the vegetarian and vegan diets, including living years longer.

Michelle is grateful for the sense of belonging she feels as a member of the NCVA. “It’s very hard for me to keep my spirits up while our planet is being destroyed and animals are being tortured. The NCVA reminds me that I’m not alone,” Michelle says.

Raphael, Events Volunteer

Raphael“Animal welfare, environmental stewardship and a healthy lifestyle are the three main reasons why I am so proud to be a vegetarian. Although I used to love eating hamburgers and chicken shawarmas, I made the choice to stop eating meat when I learned the detrimental effects of my actions. Becoming a vegetarian felt like relieving a burden I had been carrying all my life. I am proud to be a member of the NCVA, because this community gives me hope for a better future.”

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