NCVA Volunteer Board of Directors


With the exceptional input of many volunteers, the NCVA is being led by:


Dale – President


Dale was born and raised in Ottawa where she is currently working as a Realtor. She is formally trained as a Registered Nurse, and has a BScN from the University of Ottawa. Dale loves promoting a plant-based lifestyle for ethical, environmental and health reasons. She enjoys volunteering with the NVCA and training for triathlon during her spare time.



Carolyn – Vice President


Carolyn is an artist, writer, and student in Ottawa, Ontario. She loves all animals, and has been living a vegan lifestyle since 2010. She has been blogging about animal rights and veganism for several years, and is also involved in other forms of advocacy. Carolyn enjoys studying, writing, drawing, and volunteering, among other things.


Michelle – Membership Coordinator

Michelle loves vegan food and spends her spare time making the most flavourful dishes imaginable. She aspires to make the National Capital Region as vegan friendly as possible to encourage everyone to choose a more compassionate lifestyle. She teaches yoga and wants to spread the joys of breath with movement. She loves hiking, travelling, running, biking, and swimming.


Gwen – Treasurer


Gwen Hughes was born and raised in Ottawa. She has been vegan for 8 years. She is currently completing the Business Administration – Accounting program at Algonquin College. Growing up with houses full of cats, dogs, and pigeons, Gwen developed an early love for animals of all kinds. She loves cooking, eating, reading, and spreadsheets.


Melanie – Secretary

MelanieMelanie is a registered massage therapist who has done a few kinds of vegan/vegetarian outreach. She also has experience in animal fostering. She would like to invite all vegetarians and vegans of the National Capital Region to join the NCVA so we can become a stronger organization. We don’t have staff, so volunteerism is the heart of the NCVA. If you would like to volunteer, please get in touch with us. Melanie has a keen interest in promoting economic development of vegan food businesses and hopes to make this a priority during her elected term.

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