Welcome to VegOttawa.org

VegOttawa Association was formerly known as the National Capital Vegetarian Association (NCVA).

While our corporate, not-for-profit name change process to VegOttawa Association has been completed, the updating of our online resources to consistently reflect that name change continues. Thank you for your continuing patience!

All references to NCVA, VegOttawa, or VO also apply to VegOttawa Association.


VegOttawa Association is a registered, not-for-profit corporation and membership-based organization. VO is dedicated to supporting people interested in a plant-based lifestyle.

How does VO do that?

• We offer a range of events, including partnering with other organizations, such as VegFest, IVFF (International Vegan Film Festival), potlucks, fundraisers, etc.
• We provide access to credible resources and peer support related to a plant-based lifestyle
• We host documentary screenings and guest speakers
• We work to make a plant-based lifestyle even more accessible and convenient by working with local and/or like-minded businesses.
• We promote the uptake of a plant-based lifestyle for any reason or combination of reasons such as health, animal and human compassion, environment.

It is funded solely by donations and partnerships and operated entirely by volunteers, which means your volunteer support is needed!

Consider contributing to VegOttawa to make a real difference.

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